Behold, exaggerated poses,
In Ilkley where the snobs look down
Their noses in complete disdain
Of visitors from out of town.

See their amdramatic gestures,
Listen to their accents twee,
Watch their vying for position
Under the cloak of bonhomie.

View them munch in pricey restaurants
And drink where booze is overpriced,
Designer pubs and trendy wine bars
Where every drink is iced and sliced.

Wonder if this snooty town
Was ever just an average place,
And want to know when it developed
It's hoity toity carapace.

Behold as snobs look down their noses
And social climbers congregate,
In Ilkley town where they aspire
To be a mini Harrogate!

Lynne Joyce 31.12.2016