Glittery things always find me
Wherever I happen to be,
They leap out from jewellers windows,
From magazines and the TV.

I can never resist all that glitter,
I buy them without hesitation,
I have them in every colour,
I swear I could bling for the nation.

My favourites are constantly changing,
From purple to green then to black,
I work though the hues of the spectrum,
Once through the rainbow and back.

Black is the shade of the moment,
Shiny black diamonds and such,
Black spinel is a much better option,
It doesn't cost nearly as much.

The necklace that found me in Stratford
Is shiny and lovely and bright.
I'm wearing it for a tribunal,
I'll keep it on through to tonight.

It matches my glittery earrings,
My rings and my bracelets as well,
So sparkly that no-one will notice
That I've got the black eye from Hell!

Lynne Joyce 20.10.2016