Airedale Transvestites

What's in Aire valley waters
That makes Transvestites bad,
So crazily implausible
You think they must be mad?

I've no LGBT prejudice,
Each to their own say I
But why are our transvestites
So uneasy on the eye?

The clothes shops here are wonderful,
The shoe shops just as good
So smarten up Airedale TV's,
I really wish you would.

Get lessons on your make up,
Do something with your hair,
Disguise that Adam's apple,
Remove your facial hair.

Update your appearance,
Glamourise your style,
Make yourself believable,
Adopt feminine guile.

Instead you choose to clomp around
Like Navvies in a dress.
Blue shadowed chins and awful wigs
Make you look a mess.

OK guys, it's up to you,
Your statement and your choice,
But make a little effort
And you'd have a stronger voice.

Aire valley water's content
That makes Transvestites bad,
Really should be purified
So they wouldn't look so sad.

Lynne Joyce 21.08.2016