The Welcome Thief

Something stole my lovely face,
My lithe and comely figure,
It took them to another place
And left me something bigger.

Where once my face was smooth and firm
Lines and sags abound,
Where tight, pert butt and boobs prevailed
Now all is loose and round.

They also stole my memory
And left me full of doubt
About what I am doing,
And what my life's about.

I get up to the attic
To do something but when
I get there I've forgotten,
And I have to start again.

My 20 20 vision
Was taken long ago,
When it will take my hearing
I really do not know.

It took my credibility,
It robbed me of respect
So nowadays I'm treated like
I have no intellect.

This unforgiving bounder
Has got me in a rage,
But as it's victim I am lucky,
For this thief's called Old Age.