I'm having yet more surgery,
A year on from the last
Time they carved me up, the time
I thought would be my last.

They'll stitch me up to heal again
On this my latest trip,
In case I need more surgery
I'd rather have a zip

A zipper would be so much fun
And save a lot of time,
In case they need to poke around
These insides of mine.

I'd like to have a stylish zip
In platinum or gold,
Its nice to have some jewellery
When, like me, you are old.

I suppose I'd need a locking zip
To keep my inside bits inside,
Have the key stay with the doctor,
'Til his skills must be applied.

I'm having yet more surgery,
Just a year on from the last
I'll make them fit a zipper
In case its not my last.

Lynne Joyce 16.04.2014