The WASIP Movement

I’m sixty plus and overweight
With lots of saggy bits,
My belly’s moving outwards,
Moving downward are my tits.

My chin is like a turkey’s,
My wrinkles are quite deep,
I’m supposed to put on face cream
Before I go to sleep.

They say I ought to diet
Or have a tummy tuck,
Botox or a face lift,
But I don’t give a ------ twopenny damn!

I’ve worked to get my wrinkles,
I’ve earned all my grey hair,
The adverts say “Look younger”
But I’m not going there.

Since when was getting older
Offensive or a crime?
It’s just a normal consequence
Of living a long time.

Old people have experience,
Why should we try to hide it
Behind plastic surgery
Botox or a diet?

Why can’t we wear our wrinkles
And grey hair with pride
And set the ageist marketing
Safely to one side?

Let’s start a protest movement
To give us all release,
We’ll call it the WASIP movement –
Wrinkle And Sag In Peace!

© Lynne Joyce 14.10.2010