Broken Sleep, Weird Dreams, New Eateries, Old Friends, 29.09.2015

Unsurprisingly in view of yesterday's poisoning I had a troubled night's sleep. I shall spare you the most gruesome details. Suffice to say that along with them I had weird and troubling dreams and woke in a fever at 04.10. I'm guessing that was when last night's doses of liquid anaesthesia and ibuprofen wore off. After an hour or so of drinking tea and distracting myself on the internet I went back to bed and got a few more hours of feverish, dream punctuated sleep.

Thunderstorms, Food Processors and Being Poisoned.

The day started rather spectacularly with another thunderstorm so we stood in our jim-jams and watched the free fireworks show in an enormous, classic Anvil-shaped cloud. I managed to get shots of the cloud but I am clueless about how some people manage to get shots of lightning. I'm guessing that it involves tripods and long exposures and since I didn't bring the tripod that would be problematic. Ah well, I'll leave it to those who can and just watch the show.

Dominoes, Paella and Thunderstorms.

Dominoes, Paella and Thunderstorms.

A lovely, lazy Sunday was planned because the weather forecast predicted rain, but for most of the day the Sun managed to beat the clouds into submission. We are getting bored with the pantomimic 'You choose, you choose' conversation so we quickly agreed to go to Las Barcas in Calpe Port, play dominoes (it is a ritual with us there) then have lunch there.

Obnoxious couple at Piazza de España

Illustration to follow

Why are some people obnoxious?
Why do some people have to be loud?
Why do they feel the need
To outdo and out speed
Everyone else in the crowd?

What's the joy in being offensive?
What's the pleasure in being rude?
What's with their squawking,
Like third class street hawking,
Aggressive, offensive and crude?

Why do these people object when
They are properly told to be quiet?
Why do they resent
The message that's sent
In order to calm down a riot?

Why oh why do they have to be English
And thus make me ashamed of my race?

Pleasant Places Revisited, Saturday 26.09.2015

Pleasant Places Revisited Saturday 26.09.2015

After taking stunning sunrise shots, then the usual ablutions in slightly less muddy water than yesterday's (no, my hair has not turned any browner) we had breakfast - gluten free cornflakes from Mercadona, strawberry puree from yesterday's freezer raid and Greek yoghurt. Actually it is Spanish yoghurt but Greek style, but what the hell, lets call it Mediterranean yoghurt.

After breakfast there followed the usual question, 'What shall we do today?' This was followed by the customary verbal pantomime,

G - "Dunno, you decide."

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