2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 13

Yet another interesting day and one that will, by necessity, contain secrets. More of that later. The day started with me waking and getting up earlier than Garrath , but this time I was much later than usual, 07.00. That is a looooooong lie in for me. After Garrath woke up there followed the usual routine of breakfast, bathing and getting ready.

2016 Spring Trip - Day 12

YAY, I am feeling very pleased with myself - 21 large jars plus 12 sample jars (the size you get in hotels) of Mermelada Volcanica produced and bottled before 10 a.m. What is more, 13 of those jars are half litre jars, much bigger than my usual 12 sided jars. I had been up since 04.05 of course but I didn't start the jam making until after 06.00 for fear of waking Garrath with the noise. The waiting time was pleasantly filled with a Facebook Messenger chat with Annette in Costa Rica.

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 11

Yaaaaaaaaaawn, what a busy day, it is 21.50 now, my feet are aching and I am only just starting my blog. Sorry Carol!

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 10

My word, what a Helter-Skelter ride of a day, and that was just the roads I drove on! After the usual slow start, ablutions, breakfast and slapping my phizzer on (putting on my make-up) we set off early to go to The Cooperativa Agricoles El Progrés in Parcent for lunch. It is one of our favourite places, a sort of local agricultural workers club, social centre and restaurant. They do a great menu del dia (menu of the day) for 9 euros, they know me and cater for me very well.

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - day 9

Yay, what a productive day, 18 jars of Mermelada Nirvana produced and bottled before breakfast. See, there are advantages to waking up at daft o'clock. Actually it wasn't that daft for me because I was in bed and dead to the world at 09.45 and didn't get up until 05.00 and that is a very long sleep for me.

Anyway, I didn't want to lose the freshness of the fruit so I sieved that out, boiled the syrup down, added the fruit, sterilised the jars and lids, achieved a perfect setting point and bottled the jam. I haven't yet lined up my jammy soldiers for a photograph, but I will!

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